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Irredeemable 2-spacers (aka teaching outmoded skills)

A little while back, our office had a rather lively email debate about how many spaces should be typed after a period—no, I’m not joking, this actually happened. Anyway, about half of those chiming in claimed it should be a single space and the other half insisted on two. It must have been a slow […]

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But we’re all designers!

Sooner or later, everyone who works in design hears something along the lines of but we’re all designers – usually from a Project Manager who didn’t agree with the designer and wanted to go in a different direction. Of course, it’s true. We do all design. Most of us have designed the layout of the furniture […]

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Silence is deadly

My posts always argue that as designers (and engineers, manufacturers, etc), we have a responsibility to create smart, beautiful, and useful products for our users. But lately, I’ve realized that users have a responsibility, too. As an OmniPod user, I failed at mine. Recently Insulet Corporation and Abbott Diabetes Care issued a recall of the […]

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CC CMA_crop

Because the ballpoint pen inspired roll-on deodorant…

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”- Oliver Wendell Homes, Jr. To explain what we’ve done, I must first explain why we did it. The late Steve Jobs famously talked about experience and the risks of designing without knowledge built from diverse experiences; he said […]

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How to tick off your user….

The other night I was peacefully asleep, enjoying a pleasant dream, when suddenly…. After a few confusing seconds, I realized it wasn’t my alarm clock. It was my Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) gently reminding me to test my blood sugar. Yes, I was expecting it, but, no … that didn’t make me any less annoyed. That’s what […]

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Meeting in Wuxi, China

The thirty day networking intensive, Spring 2013

I am a constant face-to-face networker and also an avid user of social media. In May I started an experiment to better help me understand: 1. The comparative strengths and weaknesses of face-to-face and social media while better understanding how they work together and apart. 2. Combating the feelings of “alone-in-a-crowd” inherent in our constant […]

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Horizons Home Healthcare 2013

Daedalus published in AAMI Horizons

This April, Daedalus will feature an article in Horizons the award-winning publication from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Our article, Avoiding Conflicting Requirements in the Development of Home Healthcare Devices through an Interdisciplinary Approach, written by Carolynn Johnson and Craig Campbell, details a process to streamline the development of devices intended […]

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Matt Beale presenting at IDSA 2013 Central District Design conference

Matt Beale will be presenting at the 2013 IDSA Central District Design Conference later this month. Check back for an article delineating his ideas after the conference, but in the meantime, the topic of his talk: So Many Choices: Navigating a Changing Discipline Design research, interface design, experience design, and design thinking now have visibility that rivals […]

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Enlisting engineers and designers for informative research in a short amount of time

The beauty and the curse of product development lie in the initial hurdle of design – the existence of a multitude of unknowns. Wading through this large pool of uncertainty can cause any project to take an excruciating amount of time before the design direction is narrowed enough that the project can really kick into […]

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B2B social media

We recently hosted an interesting lunch & learn at our office on the topic of Social Media as a B2B tool. Presented by The Culture of Innovation Collaborative and moderated by Wyman Lee, Managing Director, Upside Intel, the lunch & learn featured presentations from Bernard Martin, President of Rapid Production Marketing, Sarah Mayer, Principal of […]

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