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Why do design research
Part 1: Deconstructing the excuses

It happens. A project has a tight budget or schedule or (gasp) both and the team decides something has to go. Design research is often that something. On the surface, eliminating research is easy to justify: We’re the experts in what we do! After so many years in our space, we already know our users […]

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Observational research

How to avoid the #1 mistake in user research

“So, you really think we need to talk to them [users]?” – Anonymous client As a product design firm, Daedalus advocates understanding the users of the products we design and develop. Truly understanding them. Without an accurate and complete understanding of the user, how can a company design a product that will fulfill their users’ […]

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Definition of Experience

The meaning of experience

My mom is barely old enough to remember a world without color television. As far as I remember, we’ve always had a computer in the house, and my younger brother never knew the pre-internet world. Technology, its advances and accessibility, revolutionizes the way we live. Because designers play a key role in the way transforming […]

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Plastics in medical devices: user research

Several of our group recently presented at the 2011 Plastics in Medical Devices Conference, in Huron, Ohio. Here’s what Carolynn Johnson had to say on the importance of conducting Design Research as healthcare moves from the clinical environment to home healthcare: As healthcare moves from the realm of the clinical setting, in which medical professionals […]

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