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Apples and oranges

As of Friday, Apple’s market cap is down over 35% from its September 12, 2012 peak. However, since this article was first published on September 23, 2011, Apple’s market cap is actually up about 5%. So, many of the financial comparisons below remain reasonably valid, although the breathless Apple euphoria of the time is gone.  […]

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Definition of Experience

The meaning of experience

My mom is barely old enough to remember a world without color television. As far as I remember, we’ve always had a computer in the house, and my younger brother never knew the pre-internet world. Technology, its advances and accessibility, revolutionizes the way we live. Because designers play a key role in the way transforming […]

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Intimacy axes - frequency of use by more or less personal

A question of intimacy

An article by Carolynn Johnson from an idea by Matt Beale. The remote was somewhere in the hotel room, maybe buried in the sheets? What I really wanted was that blaring TV off. It was a sleek flat screen model, with a dark plastic bezel decorated with a fine chrome-look line around the edge. But […]

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