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Pittsburgh’s World IA Day 2019

Earlier this year members of our design team attended World Information Architecture Day 2019 in Pittsburgh, a day-long event of thought-provoking workshops and presentations given by remarkable speakers. World IA Day is an annual, global, conference that celebrates the field of Information Architecture, with local events coordinated by volunteers and all following the same theme. […]

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Are we just biological robots?

In the last month there have been a couple articles about the bacteria in our bodies that caught our attention. The average human body contains about 6 pounds of bacteria. That much bacteria has over two million genes, completely dwarfing the 23,000 genes in the human genome. ‘‘We are, at least from the standpoint of […]

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Selecting a microcontroller

These days product design typically involves sensors, LEDs, displays, buttons or a touch screen, sound, data logging, and wireless connectivity. The lowest cost, lowest power, most flexible, and most compact approach to implement all of this is almost always a micro-controller. A microcontroller is a processor – a computer – that includes its program, memory […]

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Why do design research
Part 1: Deconstructing the excuses

It happens. A project has a tight budget or schedule or (gasp) both and the team decides something has to go. Design research is often that something. On the surface, eliminating research is easy to justify: We’re the experts in what we do! After so many years in our space, we already know our users […]

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Silence is deadly

My posts always argue that as designers (and engineers, manufacturers, etc), we have a responsibility to create smart, beautiful, and useful products for our users. But lately, I’ve realized that users have a responsibility, too. As an OmniPod user, I failed at mine. Recently Insulet Corporation and Abbott Diabetes Care issued a recall of the […]

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A sneak peek inside our inbox: Daedalus and Oldham

It’s a dank, dark business world out there sometimes. Too often, I see shady marketers take quotes from clients and cut them up until their words shine with a perfectly rosy hue. It’s called ‘spin’. We at Daedalus value transparency. And I like true stories.  I had an interesting email exchange and thought I’d share […]

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How to tick off your user….

The other night I was peacefully asleep, enjoying a pleasant dream, when suddenly…. After a few confusing seconds, I realized it wasn’t my alarm clock. It was my Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) gently reminding me to test my blood sugar. Yes, I was expecting it, but, no … that didn’t make me any less annoyed. That’s what […]

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Designing for the age-enhanced: cognitive changes

If you’ve read the previous posts in this series, you understand the changes that happen to our vision and hearing as we age and, more importantly, how those changes affect our interactions with the products we use. For this article, I want to look at the impact that aging has on some of our basic […]

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Observational research

How to avoid the #1 mistake in user research

“So, you really think we need to talk to them [users]?” – Anonymous client As a product design firm, Daedalus advocates understanding the users of the products we design and develop. Truly understanding them. Without an accurate and complete understanding of the user, how can a company design a product that will fulfill their users’ […]

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A better way to wake up

Summer is officially over and the days have become noticeably shorter here at the 40th latitude. This is the time of year when I become increasingly reliant on my alarm clock to wake up. I’ve tried a variety of methods to wake up in the morning over the years, and I’ve finally found a product […]

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