Daedalus WFH Employee Spotlight: Rich Huber

Headshot of Daedalus Software Developer Rich Huber
Software Developer Rich Huber

What is your role at Daedalus?

Software Developer

What’s your day-to-day like at Daedalus?

Connecting my PC to all of the various devices that need software or firmware. I spend much of my time changing software and then trying it out on the device that I am working on. But some devices are very large and can’t be moved to be next to my desk, which makes the Edit-Compile-Debug cycles much longer.

… and how has this changed with WFH (Working From Home)?

Fortunately most of the devices that I’m currently working with are small enough that I can take them home and develop software at home. Much of my work has remained the same. Although, I do miss my dual monitor setup from work, I think the “sprawl” at home would be too much for my family. One monitor, how …quaint.

Where is your home office?

My dining room table was the only place to easily set up everything.

What is your favorite part about your WFH setup?

Taking little breaks from work to say hello to my wife and pet the dog, or stepping outside for a few minutes when the weather cooperates. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I hadn’t thought about how disruptive conference calls could be to your family when working from home. So, I try to mute as much as possible to allow ‘life’ to continue at home. The other challenge has been separating work from home … with my computer and work now so close at hand, it’s hard not to sit down and work on a problem or try out an idea at all hours of the day or night.

What surprised your family the most about you working from home?

Rich Huber working from home.
They can’t believe how many meetings (now conference calls) I am in every week. That surprised me, because I thought I was hardly ever in meetings. Having worked in several large companies, I remember having meetings to schedule meetings, and it was common to have several meetings per day, which most of us knew weren’t really necessary. I’ve gotten away from that, but I guess I am still in a lot of meetings. 

Any helpful WFH tips?

The standard stuff, like get up like a normal work day. This makes a big difference. And, sometimes distractions are a good thing, so relax and roll with the flow.