Thick Wired, Thin Wired

Daedalus has grown enough in the last few years to be honored again as one of the fastest-growing Western Pennsylvania companies by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Because of this growth, space is getting tight. So, we’re upgrading to a more efficient desk system in the office. As part of this, I’ve been clearing out stuff around my desk, stuff accumulated over a dozen years.

This indoor archaeology uncovered a Wired magazine from September 2000 and a relatively svelte Wired from January 2010.

The Wired from 2000 features an MIT engineer on the cover and is close to a half inch thick (.45 inches). The Wired from 2010 features Alec Baldwin on the cover, has a smaller footprint, and is .16 inches thick.

Does this represent the demise of the technology industry? The demise of magazines? Or is a thinner magazine, like a thinner cell phone, a good thing?

Would a half-robot MIT engineer on the cast of 30 Rock save NBC?

I don’t know what it means. I’m just the guy who measures the magazines.

Back to the dig.

WIRED magazine covers from a decade apart