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The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

The risks of dismissing minor usability issues

As a human factors psychologist, I am often asked to evaluate the usability of a product—its ease of use and ease of learning—to predict where users are going to run into problems, or, for products already on the market, to analyze why users are already having difficulties. At the conclusion of these evaluations, I provide […]

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Designing for the age enhanced: touch and proprioception

When I started our Designing for the Age Enhanced series, I thought the articles would informative and fun to write. But, since I’m in my 40s, I have to admit that being reminded about how bad my eyes and ears are already getting, what’s going to happen to my senses of smell and taste, and […]

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Silence is deadly

My posts always argue that as designers (and engineers, manufacturers, etc), we have a responsibility to create smart, beautiful, and useful products for our users. But lately, I’ve realized that users have a responsibility, too. As an OmniPod user, I failed at mine. Recently Insulet Corporation and Abbott Diabetes Care issued a recall of the […]

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Designing for the age-enhanced: cognitive changes

If you’ve read the previous posts in this series, you understand the changes that happen to our vision and hearing as we age and, more importantly, how those changes affect our interactions with the products we use. For this article, I want to look at the impact that aging has on some of our basic […]

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Definition of Experience

The meaning of experience

My mom is barely old enough to remember a world without color television. As far as I remember, we’ve always had a computer in the house, and my younger brother never knew the pre-internet world. Technology, its advances and accessibility, revolutionizes the way we live. Because designers play a key role in the way transforming […]

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Obstacle Course

Raccoons, Top Gear, and aging eyes

Over the last decade I have purchased three video games for myself (and a couple of hundred for our kids). All of mine have been racing games. Last week I picked up Forza 4, excited to drive all kinds of cars on the virtual Top Gear test track. Unfortunately, the Top Gear track wasn’t included […]

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Medrad ProVis Angiographic injector on the Fox series “House”

My product is on TV!

There is always a flurry of emails at Daedalus when one of the products we helped design is spotted on TV or in a movie. For some reason the excitement is higher when the setting is fictional. We have yet to top our Miami Metromover’s appearances on Miami Vice in the eighties, but we have […]

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Designers presenting their concepts in a brainstorming session

Managing pediatric heart pump components

After interviewing Cardiac Medical Caregivers, Physical Therapists, Ventricular Assist Device Technicians and Child Life Specialists and after exploring Pediatric Cardiac ICUs and Step Down Units, Daedalus brainstorms designs to ensure that external components of a pediatric heart pump are kept close to the patient, and are comfortable, convenient and safe, without impeding the normal development […]

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