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Variations of the letter A

Conventional thinking parallels conventional brainstorming

When Daedalus was sponsoring the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s event The Creative Technology Network’s Innovator Series Presents Roger Martin: Gaining Competitive Advantage with Design Thinking (5/22/2012), I decided to read Martin’s The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win through Integrative Thinking. Martin, a leading business speaker and thinker and a global Design Thinking evangelist, is Dean of the […]

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Why ordinary brainstorming doesn’t work

Recently there have been several prominent articles published that disparage brainstorming, making the claim that brainstorming is a failed corporate experiment … that it doesn’t work. Most recently and perhaps most notable “The brainstorming myth” from The New Yorker (January 27, 2012). This article in particular caught my attention because it provided a fair bit […]

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Person on branch sawing the same branch

The value of a bad idea

Imagine that a car manufacturer has created a car that will drive itself during most routine driving situations; the driver only needs to control the car during unusual circumstances. They have asked you to design a dashboard that will allow the driver to control the car when necessary, but they have stipulated that there is […]

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Designers presenting their concepts in a brainstorming session

Managing pediatric heart pump components

After interviewing Cardiac Medical Caregivers, Physical Therapists, Ventricular Assist Device Technicians and Child Life Specialists and after exploring Pediatric Cardiac ICUs and Step Down Units, Daedalus brainstorms designs to ensure that external components of a pediatric heart pump are kept close to the patient, and are comfortable, convenient and safe, without impeding the normal development […]

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