Daedalus Employee WFH Spotlight: John Puskar-Pasewicz

Daedalus Mechanical Engineer John Puskar-Pasewicz in his home office.
Daedalus Mechanical Engineer John Puskar-Pasewicz in his home office.

What is your role at Daedalus?

I’m a mechanical engineer.

What’s your day-to-day like at Daedalus?

I spend most of my time creating and evaluating 3D CAD models. Less frequently, but still often, I build prototypes of the things that I have modeled for evaluation and testing.

… and how has this changed with WFH (Working From Home)?

It hasn’t changed much, honestly. I can’t walk to my colleagues’ desks to ask them questions, but chat and video calls are a decent replacement. When I need to create a 3D print, I have to drive to the office and go through all of the safety protocols. That is inconvenient and time consuming.

Where is your home office?

In the dining room.

What is your favorite part about your WFH setup?Daedalus Mechanical Engineer John Puskar-Pasewicz in his home office with his dog.

I face a large window, and it’s very quiet where I sit. The natural light is very good. I have very little distraction.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The webcam on my laptop is in a terrible place and standalone webcams were all sold out online at the start of the WFH, so I have to set my computer up on books in order to not look ridiculous on the camera. It can also be hard to stop working at the end of the day, since there’s no physical barrier between home and work.

Any helpful WFH tips?

Find a lunch that you like enough to eat often that you can make easily. You have your whole kitchen, why not use it? And then eat outside when the weather is nice.