Daedalus WFH Employee Spotlight: Maureen Binnig

Daedalus Operations Manager Maureen Binnig at her kitchen table / home office.
Daedalus Operations Manager Maureen Binnig at her kitchen table / home office.

What is your role at Daedalus?

Operations Manager

What’s your day-to-day like at Daedalus?

I typically arrive at the office early. I spend some time cleaning the common areas and making sure the kitchen is ready for the staff. When I get to my desk, I check the calendar for the day and become familiar with any guests who will be in the office. I then move on to downloading banking activity from the previous day. No two days are the same for me in the office.

… and how has this changed with WFH (Working From Home)?

My life working from home is much quieter than it is in the office! I have significantly fewer interruptions. We are empty nesters so there is not much going on here at home. But I actually miss the delivery drivers!

Where is your home office?

My office is in the kitchen. My husband is a middle school teacher who is teaching from home and he has the dining room set up as his classroom.. We needed to establish separate work spaces.

What is your favorite part about your WFH setup?

My work area has tons of natural light. It’s been fun to drop in on Todd’s classes once in a while. It is also nice having meals with Todd. He is a really great cook and meal prep is a stress reliever for him.

Any helpful WFH tips?

It helps to set some goals for the day and sticking to a schedule helps. I also try to reach out to a few coworkers each day via e-mail or on the phone. Daily walks are the best part of my day—taking a walk outside at least once a day really helps my mood and my productivity.