Archive | February, 2014

A sneak peek inside our inbox: Daedalus and Oldham

It’s a dank, dark business world out there sometimes. Too often, I see shady marketers take quotes from clients and cut them up until their words shine with a perfectly rosy hue. It’s called ‘spin’. We at Daedalus value transparency. And I like true stories.  I had an interesting email exchange and thought I’d share […]

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How to tick off your user….

The other night I was peacefully asleep, enjoying a pleasant dream, when suddenly…. After a few confusing seconds, I realized it wasn’t my alarm clock. It was my Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) gently reminding me to test my blood sugar. Yes, I was expecting it, but, no … that didn’t make me any less annoyed. That’s what […]

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