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Horizons Home Healthcare 2013

Daedalus published in AAMI Horizons

This April, Daedalus will feature an article in Horizons the award-winning publication from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). Our article, Avoiding Conflicting Requirements in the Development of Home Healthcare Devices through an Interdisciplinary Approach, written by Carolynn Johnson and Craig Campbell, details a process to streamline the development of devices intended […]

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Daedalus advocates for design research at the 2013 HFES International Symposium on Health Care

Carolynn Johnson, Daedalus Research Manager, recently presented Management System for a Pediatric Heart Pump: A Design Research Case Study at the 2013 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care: Advancing the Cause. This year’s topics was “Advancing the Cause,” and presenters were asked to extend their message beyond “incorporate human factors” and […]

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Matt Beale presenting at IDSA 2013 Central District Design conference

Matt Beale will be presenting at the 2013 IDSA Central District Design Conference later this month. Check back for an article delineating his ideas after the conference, but in the meantime, the topic of his talk: So Many Choices: Navigating a Changing Discipline Design research, interface design, experience design, and design thinking now have visibility that rivals […]

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Designing for the age enhanced: how vision changes

Recently, one of our clients asked us to craft user profiles and design recommendations for a product centered on older populations. If you search the internet for this, you’ll find dozens of pages of design recommendations for older users – but you’ll also find that there’s a lot of information missing. Most of these websites don’t […]

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Apples and oranges

As of Friday, Apple’s market cap is down over 35% from its September 12, 2012 peak. However, since this article was first published on September 23, 2011, Apple’s market cap is actually up about 5%. So, many of the financial comparisons below remain reasonably valid, although the breathless Apple euphoria of the time is gone.  […]

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